Watch Unlimited TV Free On Your Computer!

If you don't have an FTA Receiver you can also get the same Free TV right from your PC. Check out this video, it is very informative.


What is Free To Air Satellite TV ?


What to do in order to watch Free satellite TV

First of all, you'll need the following four things:

Dish, LNB,Receiver and Cable

List of things you will need:

A clear view of the southern sky

A dish antena (the bigger the better)


FTA (Free to air) Satelitte Receiver

To hit multiple satellites from one dish, add:

A dish-moving motor

Really helpfull stuff for installation:

A compass

A level


A portable TV

A signal strength meter

Four simple steps:

  1. Find a place for the dish. It has to have a clear view of the south, although the exact direction varies.
  2. Get your equipment. Choose what you want, see who sells it for a good price, and get it.
  3. Install. You can do it yourself with a few helpful tools, or you can pay someone else to do it for you.
  4. Find your channels: Use the FTA Scan Search on your Receiver and find all the channels you want.

How many channels can I get?

There are literally many thousands of free channels worldwide.

What kind of content will I be able to watch?

Sports, News, Weather (in various languages), Documentaries, Information Culture (world cultures), Religion (world religions), Adult content, Music,Politics (All nationalities), Economy, Astrology, Tourism, Commerce,etc., etc. etc.


Besides the thousands of free channels you will also be able to listen to comercial radio stations from around the world.

Will I be able to watch the RTP International (portuguese channel) ? Yes, and it will be free. All the FTA Satellite channels are free.

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